Creativity has been in my blood since the day I entered the world. I would say it’s genetic but I was also influenced and inspired by my family…mostly by my amazing mom who was my elementary and middle school art teacher and by my younger sister who made all kinds of arts and crafts projects with me so we could sell our goods to kind people in our front yard. I was also influenced by my upbringing…by growing up in Venezuela, Mexico and Puerto Rico; I was always surrounded by vibrant colors, shapes and textures. By the time I was in high school, it was inevitable that I was assigned to projects like creating yearbook covers and musical play posters and that I was focused on a career in graphic design.

However, my practical side took over when Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania recruited me to join their management program in the publishing and printing industries. So I left San Juan and via the college route, I landed in a sales and marketing job in the hustling and bustling business climate of the Northeast. Although I managed to dabble in creative hobbies, I became fully immersed in my corporate career as a direct marketing professional in Philadelphia (although I never got used to the winter).

As time went on, I got married and had 2 exceptional kids and while my personal life was amazing, I got really-really bored with work. As much as I continued to learn so much about business and it continued to result in successful jobs and great experiences, I knew I missed my calling. So I started taking a hodge-podge of art classes at a local college…and thrived. I had fun in drawing, totally dug my color theory teacher, got frustrated with classical painting, poked around graphic design programs and absolutely fell in love with metal smithing.

Once I was exposed to the craft, I trained for over 4 years learning all kinds of jewelry making techniques and was completely captivated once I started creating dimensional and colorful pieces by fusing glass and clay. I became obsessed with this material and how to use it to make wearable and edgy art. Right about the same time, my sister turned the big 4-0, so she picked out her special birthday gift…this very cool glass necklace I made with scrap glass in one of my classes. I also made her one of my very first, personalized name tag necklaces. And as she wore my jewelry, she said they literally enhanced her mood. People would stop her in all kinds of weird places and kept asking her where they could buy jewelry just like hers and the rest, as they say, is history.

I decided to say good bye to my boss, ditched my suits, bought a cool car and started my own business over 4 years ago...the answer to my obsession. Since then, I’ve continued to design, create and enhance moods using my craft and finally, with so many people continuing to ask where to find my jewelry, I created this very cool web site. And now…the world knows.

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Do what you love,
love what you do.