Presenting the Make No Wishbones About It Necklace!

11/8/14 ~ By Neida. Want to know where the wishbone-cracking custom came from? It started with the ancient Romans who pulled apart chicken clavicles hoping for good fortune. The practice then travelled to England in the 16th century, and then New England after that. The actual term "wishbone" didn't emerge...
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Sometimes a Simple Jewelry Design Speaks Volumes!

4/27/13 ~ By Neida Presenting the "Glisten Up Necklace"! Listen up here! There is no better way to glitz-up a garment than by adding a statement-making accessory. And this necklace does just that! This simple silver chain boasts a marvelous accent of seemingly floating rhinestones, created by a stunning pave...
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Color of the Year - Radiant Orchid!

2/2/2104 ~ By Neida. Hey did you hear? Radiant Orchid is Pantone's Color of the Year for 2014! Pantone has officially named the 2014 color of the year as Radiant Orchid — which is a mix between lavender and magenta!  And as a jewelry designer which an eye for the...
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Designer's Favorite Personalized Bracelet Design

1/26/13 ~ By Neida. I just love this new set, it's simple and easy, so it's my newest favorite design!  So I thought I would share (and boast)... Presenting the I WOOD LIKE YOU ON MY WRIST personalized bracelet design! Whether running around with the kiddos or working hard at...
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Different Earrings Designs for Different Styles

11/24/13 ~ By Neida. I've been asked many times for recommendations on earring styles based on styles taste so to make things simple, I have assembled a list of the different designs and generally, who they appeal to. Stud Earrings:  For women (and men!) that like a minimal and more...
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