Bracelets, Bracelet and More Bracelets!

11/17/13 ~ By Neida. One of my favorite things to design is a  bracelet.  So I just keep designing them and have tons of them already available in my online store and many more ready to create, filed in my head. Why so many?  Because for me, it's about the...
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Why I Called This a Salsa Necklace

11/4/13 ~ By Neida. I created this silver metal clay necklace to intentionally be charmy and have tons of movement when worn. I attached silver clay rings and random clusters of brown glass pearls and crystal beads to a sterling silver cable chain which I then anchored to a color-coordinated...
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Inspiration Behind the Think Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Earrings

10/27/13 ~ By Neida. As a woman owned business, I am a strong advocate for the research and efforts consistently being out forth to eradicate breast cancer, a deadly disease that affects more and more woman every day.  If one hasn't been personally affected, it's pretty likely that everyone at...
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The Wear It Everywhere Necklace, Perfect For Fall!

10/20/13 ~ By Neida. When it's hot and then cold and then in between outside, you might want to transition from summer to fall with functional yet fashionable jackets to layer with.  Even thought the air is getting a little chillier and at night, things might be a little brisk...
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What I Am Loving Right Now

9/27/13 ~ By Neida. I wanted something very sleek and versatile.  Let's face it.  As an artist sometimes I overthing my designs.  So I forced myself to think about a jewelry design that would be: SIMPLE, PERSONAL, PERFECT. As such, the Simplcity Necklace was born! The secret to creating a...
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