Different Earrings Designs for Different Styles

11/24/13 ~ By Neida.

I've been asked many times for recommendations on earring styles based on styles taste so to make things simple, I have assembled a list of the different designs and generally, who they appeal to.

Stud Earrings:  For women (and men!) that like a minimal and more classic look, these earrings included simple designs attached to posts, that directly on the earlobe.  Think simple pearls and diamonds (oo la la!).

Chandelier Earrings: For women that tend to be more dramatic, these earrings feature decorative studs, also attached to posts, and decorative components attached to the posts.  Usually shaped like upside triangles, these decorative components range from swirly (for lack of a better adjective) to super swirly.

Hoop Earrings:  For women (and also men!) that like a more classic look but are okay with more volume and attention being drawn to their ears, these earrings are created with round or flat wire (or even plastic) that run from the front of the earlobe and loop all the way to the back.  As far their circumferences, there is a wide array of hoop earrings to pick from depending on exactly how much attention one really wants.

Dangle Earrings:  For women that like earrings, period, dangle designs are a safe bet.  Because there are so many varieties of dangle earrings, they satisfy all kinds of looks, from the preppy Laura Ashley-ish style to the dark and mysterious goth style (just trying to make a point here).  Dangle components are attached the thin wires which thread right through the lobe.  And these components range from beads to die cut metal pieces to feathers to charms to acrylic baubles to leather pieces to (well, you get the picture).

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