Presenting the Make No Wishbones About It Necklace!

11/8/14 ~ By Neida.

Want to know where the wishbone-cracking custom came from?

It started with the ancient Romans who pulled apart chicken clavicles hoping for good fortune.

The practice then travelled to England in the 16th century, and then New England after that.

The actual term "wishbone" didn't emerge until the mid-1800s, when President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday.

But the rules, throughout all of these the years, has remained: Each person grabs an end and tugs. If you get the bigger piece, your wish will be granted—maybe even in a snap.

And here's a necklace design that captures this custom, while making a fashion statement.

Presenting the Make No Wishbones About It Necklace!

Make no bones about this new necklace design. Boasting a sterling silver wishbone floating daintily on a sterling silver chain, this design exudes fashionable simplicity mixed with a little bit of superstition.

And seeing how awesome you would look wearing it, it's obvious you couldn't wish for a better ensemble, easily making it your most fashionable desires come true.

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