What I Am Loving Right Now

9/27/13 ~ By Neida.

I wanted something very sleek and versatile.  Let's face it.  As an artist sometimes I overthing my designs.  So I forced myself to think about a jewelry design that would be: SIMPLE, PERSONAL, PERFECT.

As such, the Simplcity Necklace was born!

The secret to creating a perfect minimalist look is finding an accessory that compliments your look with skillful simplicity.

This silver, personalized necklace, designed with silver crystal cut chain complemented with your choice of initial-stamped beads, is perfect for adding that little bit of shine and a personal touch to your natural beauty without stealing the spotlight.

Wear this design with a tee and jeans or even an elegant dress and heels, and head out feeling unfettered, yet stylish and fabulous!

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