What is dichroic glass?
The sheet glass I use to create my jewelry is called dichroic glass.  It’s one of the hottest materials used by warm glass artists today because it is created to reflect one color but transmit another...a remarkable effect (dichroic is a term which actually translates to “two colors”).  Amazingly, dichroic glass is even commonly used in the laser industry and in scientific measuring equipment.  It’s even used as filters for 35 mm cameras and as headlights for cars.
I use dichroic glass creatively and effectively by precision sheet cutting, layering it, embedding it, fusing it in a kiln at different temperatures (heat control is key), applying special techniques as needed and polishing it.  After the process is completed, I have created brilliant and intense dimensional glass objects.  Magically, these objects change as you look at them from different angles, in different light sources, against different colors and different backgrounds.
What is silver, bronze and copper metal clay?
The precious metal I use to create my jewelry starts as malleable clay (it actually looks like potting clay…in much smaller quantities of course).  Metal clay is a revolutionary and incredible material made up of tiny particles of 100% pure silver or bronze (or even gold or copper for that matter) which are suspended in an organic binder to create this clay-like material in its raw state.

I use metal clay creatively and effectively by hand rolling it, shaping it, stamping it, modeling it, embedding it, fusing it in a kiln, filing it and polishing or even tarnishing it.  After the process is completed, I have created solid, 100% pure precious metal objects (for example, name tags).  The beauty of these objects is their fabulous, organic, handcrafted and non-manufactured look.

The act or operation of melting or rendering fluid by extreme heat;
the act of melting together; as, the fusion of glass or metal.