Meet Dawn

One mention of the last name, and for most people in Bucks County, the first thought is one of money and success. But anyone who really knows her understands that true wealth is gained by being inspired to achieve more than we're told is possible, motivating others to reach unlimited...
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Meet Jen

Her greatest desire as a young girl growing up in rural South Carolina was to escape and see the world. At 25 years old with a one-way ticket to Spain, a few thousand dollars in her pocket and a backpack stuffed with bare necessities, she embarked on a unique journey...
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Meet Jessica

It's been said that writing can be very therapeutic. (The same thing has been said about wearing beautiful custom-made pieces of jewelry but we'll get to that later.) Maybe that's one reason why blogging has continued to gain in popularity since the first "blog" was created in 1994. Creating her...
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Meet Debbie K.

If being a real woman is defined by being true to yourself, having a strong work ethic and creative disposition, not being afraid to honestly and openly express opinions and emotions, yet being someone others can genuinely relate to, then Deborah Kendig fits the description. Debbie has always had the...
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Meet Ivona

It's a classic American tale—a love story of sorts—about the desire to escape political turmoil and create a more secure life in America for future generations. Young, creative, and ambitious, she and her husband left Poland for a new beginning in America. Meet Ivona Skibicki. The past has a way...
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