Meet Debbie

Sometimes in life a great accomplishment can only be valued by the infinite love a heart can hold and the pure joy felt by another. It's a deeply personal experience achieved by someone with a true passion and unending energy to simply give. Meet Debbie Goetz. Quick with an inviting...
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Meet Rachel

Rachel Stephenson has a way with words. When you first meet, her warm smile and joyous greeting immediately make you feel like familiar friends launching into comfortable conversation. It's no wonder she has the ability to help children master sounds and speech that others may take for granted in everyday...
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Meet Blake

Blake, a busy mother of 3, including an energetic and adventurous 3-year-old boy, is currently writing and illustrating a children's book about extinct and endangered animals.  "The story of Steller's sea cows, related to manatees, is very sad. Within 30 years of their discovery, these peaceful and loving marine mammals became...
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