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One mention of the last name, and for most people in Bucks County, the first thought is one of money and success.

But anyone who really knows her understands that true wealth is gained by being inspired to achieve more than we're told is possible, motivating others to reach unlimited potential and giving back to the community. Meet Dawn Byers.

Dawn is a true advocate of children in our community and beyond.

She has been involved in many organizations and projects in Central Bucks, including serving as executive director of CB Cares, and working with Bucks County Children's Museum and Goals Beyond the Net, a non-profit organization her son is involved with which helps children in Haiti. Recently she spearheaded the effort Save the Castle, an enormous project to restore the Kids Castle playground in Doylestown.

"I am so blessed to be working with hundreds of dedicated and amazing community volunteers who are making this restoration possible. I had the pleasure to work on the initial build of the castle 16 years ago. It took several years to complete. Today, a new generation of young parents and community leaders are working to keep the playground open for years to come," said Dawn.

She is inspired to meet people who make a difference, and making a difference has always been Dawn's definition of success.

Being part of the Byers family for the last 20 years, Dawn has learned how to run a successful business but their philanthropy has shaped her passion for giving and caring.

Dawn whole-heartedly believes in empowering today's youth and praises their innovative ideas and unfiltered perspective as making a difference in the community. For the Save the Castle effort, she noted that the students at Lenape Middle School raised nearly $2000, the students at Kutz Elementary held a dance-a-thon to raise money, and the junior class at Central Bucks West graciously donated money raised for their benefit.

"When you give kids the opportunity to be part of something big, they will rise to the occasion and run with it. There is a positive response from youth when you're honest with them," added Dawn.

As a college student, Dawn learned first-hand what students and professionals working together can accomplish. She found her career passion in public relations and event planning while at Drexel University. She started a public relations student organization which paired with a public relations agency to plan events for alumni and students to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the university.

"After that experience, I was hooked on working with groups of people to coordinate large-scale events, and was especially motivated if it was for a good cause. I enjoy being able to discover what motivates people and finding the right fit for them in a project," replied Dawn.

Challenges are a part of life.

Those experiences along with the family and friends who believed in her abilities, probably more than she believed in herself at the time, have made Dawn the person she is today.

"As one of six children, I did not grow up with money. I spent summers at the Jersey shore delivering pizzas and cleaning houses—whatever it took to make money so I could have fun too. But, I didn't have a lot of confidence—or courage. I almost walked away from an opportunity to change my life because a coach didn't think I could do it," said Dawn.

Dawn was also a goalie for her high school field hockey team, and admits her coach was not fond of her. Dawn's best friend Kelly was an amazing athlete who had her sights set on the Olympics; they always practiced together. At a school event with college scouts attending, Dawn's coach told her to stick with approaching smaller schools. Dawn's friend didn't agree and encouraged her—even dragged Dawn to come with her—to talk with major division-level scouts. The result was a field hockey scholarship to Drexel. The team wasn't very good, but Dawn's save percentage was strong and she played through tough hits. By the end of her first year, Dawn earned East Coast Player of the Week.

"Kelly has always inspired me to go to the next level. That encouragement and belief in me altered my life. Today, my attitude about people who say I can't do something has changed thanks to those experiences," said Dawn.

So what's the style of someone with an empowering sense of self and ability to motivate others?

Some describe Dawn as having a relaxed style; others think of her as an obsessive compulsive type A personality. If you ask Dawn, she'll tell you it's a mix of both depending on the situation.

Dawn's jewelry reflects her unique mix of style with custom HipFusion Designs pieces to match her moods or the occasion. Years ago, one of Dawn's employees introduced her to Neida. As a supporter of local small-business owners, Neida was invited to display her jewelry for an invited group. It was the beginning of their friendship and Dawn's diverse collection of unique HipFusion Designs which mirror her real self.

"When I want to be fun and flirty, I wear my colorful bead necklace with stamped silver charms. Other times I want to feel funky, I wear her chunkier designs. I have a gorgeous black beaded double-strand design with a black and silver hanging bead for more formal occasions. But the most special necklace is the custom piece Neida designed incorporating two pearls I brought back from a family trip to China—each pearl represents my children," said Dawn.

But no matter how she is decked out and accessorized, most importantly Dawn is always striving to be the best person she can be which is why she is constantly learning and growing. She has been inspired by those who quietly give to the community yet her never-ending passion to give and a goal of making a real difference have added to the gentle waves of inspiration and philanthropy rippling throughout the community.

Many thanks to Jen Ashenfelter for this awesome interview and write up!