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Her greatest desire as a young girl growing up in rural South Carolina was to escape and see the world. At 25 years old with a one-way ticket to Spain, a few thousand dollars in her pocket and a backpack stuffed with bare necessities, she embarked on a unique journey of a lifetime. Deep determination, a willingness to be honest with herself and to make tough choices are qualities define what make her real and unique.

Meet Jen Phillips April.

The perfect blend of old-fashioned Southern charm and New England determination, Jen is natural at meeting people and not afraid of discovering the world beyond her comfort zone. Growing up, Jen always had her nose in a book. Her maternal grandmother, originally from New England, established two libraries near her hometown.

"Reading set me on a course for expanding my world. I read a lot of 19th century novels so I was very interested in exploring Europe. The purpose of my trip was to take the grand tour of art and history; Paris was my destination. I read a lot guide books before leaving, so I was very aware of how I wanted my trip to be." said Jen.

Before returning home six months later, she traveled around Spain, Italy, Portugal and France meeting interesting people and working on two yachts. The first trip was spent polishing everything from faucets to silver flatware during a 3-day trip on the largest charter yacht in the world.  The brief experience left her wanting more time on a yacht so Jen landed a job as a stewardess on a 10-day chartered yacht trip to St. Tropez before returning to New Orleans.

She arranged walking tours in New Orleans but knew that entry level jobs in the museum industry required a graduate degree. Jen graduated from Winthrop University with a Bachelor's degree in mass communications, but her love for art and history led her to the State University New York (SUNY), Cooperstown for a Master's degree in museum studies.

In 2002, Jennifer moved to Doylestown and embarked on a career in museum education and marketing.

Over the next seven years, Jen developed educational programs, organized events and tours, and managed communications, including press releases, marketing pieces, and newsletters for The Highlands Mansion & Gardens in Fort Washington and then for Washington Crossing Historic Park.

"I loved the writing projects I was responsible for creating for both Highlands Mansion and Washington Crossing Historic Park. I've always been a writer—I began a novel in third grade! Until that point, I didn't give myself permission to do what I really wanted to do," added Jen.

In 2004/2005 Jen launched a her first website,  Through this site she learned how to write SEO copy to attract up to 68,786 visitors a month and developed a community of dog lovers.

Social media was a natural outgrowth of working online.  She's made many friends online and even acquired a real life dog.

In 2010 Jen returned to her first love and launched Write Words Marketing. Expertise in SEO and social media created opportunities to work on projects with other area professionals, an alliance of other business professionals to form Faucet Group, a social, digital and traditional communication and marketing firm.

Real Women. Hip Style. What's Your Story?

This southern girl with Yankee heritage is a bit of a chameleon when it comes to style. When asked, Jen described her look as relaxed with occasional flairs of funky and creative, mixed with tailored pieces. Whether she's spotted casually around town, attending a networking event or teaching a room of business owners about social media, Jen looks polished and hip. The custom jewelry, including her HipFusion Designs pieces, she wears add a splash of funky to any of her looks.

"I feel like one-of-a-kind when I wear Neida's jewelry. I love her wraparound pieces because they're beautiful and unique," said Jen about the custom jewelry Neida creates for HipFusion Designs.

Many thanks to Jen Ashenfelter for this awesome interview and write up!