Charity Partners
Living Beyond Breast Cancer

Add a little bit of LOVE and LIFE to your everyday style...

HipFusion Designs has partnered with Living Beyond Breast Cancer to create and sell two signature jewelry pieces in support of the Philadelphia-based organization.


The Life. Bracelet is adjustable and will add unique and bold style to any woman’s wrist. The powerful word “life,” which is stamped on a silver clay tag, is sure to stand out while the silver heart charm and leather pink band will add modest and feminine beauty to this signature item.

What is LIFE without LOVE? What is a bracelet without a necklace? Complete the entire look with the Philly Love Necklace. This casual yet symbolic design includes a silver clay tag stamped with Philly’s Love Park LOVE image and anchored with metallic pink leather. Both pieces are collectible, stylish and made for each other!

Both the bracelet and necklace are valued at $40 each for super affordability. And 50% of the proceeds go directly to LBBC and are used to help provide education and support programs for women and families affected by breast cancer.  Order online here!


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