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As quoted in's Teen Fashion Tips! in 15 Creative Ways to Organize & Display Your Jewelry

By Kimberly Lawson, Guide

So you have tons of jewelry, but you have no idea what to do with it. Instead of letting your jewelry tangle in a jewelry box, try one of these creative ideas from fashion bloggers, DIYers and organizational professionals for safekeeping and showcasing your baubles.

Fashion blogger Song of Style uses empty wine bottles to stack her bracelets on. Instead of wine bottles, try colorful vintage and vintage inspired bottles, which can be found at Luna Bazaar and local thrift shops.

Laura McHolm of Northstar Moving & Storage has a recommendation that is as functional as it is pretty -- find colorful and cute figurines of all different sizes, and stack your bracelets and rings on top! Laura also recommends using clear plastic boxes, which can be found at Target or Dollar Tree, to keep your shoes in (Lindsay Lohan does this too!). Take a photo of each pair and tape it to the front of each box.

Here's something we never would have thought of, care of Heather Morgan Shott of -- use old ice cub trays to separate rings, brooches, bracelets and necklaces. "Place one item per cube holder and you'll keep each piece separated and untangled," she adds. Heather also came up with a genius way to display your jewelry: "frame a cork board with a vintage picture frame and hang necklaces, earrings and bracelets on pins or tacks." Too cute!

Sarah Giller Nelson, owner of Less is More Professional Organizing Services recommends using clear storage containers that are actually made for storing nuts and bolts. "The drawers can be further subdivided, which was perfect for storing little earrings, rings, and collections," she adds.

Barbara Reich, author of Secrets of an Organized Mom, recommends hanging a necklace or bracelet on the same hanger of the garment you would normally wear it with. She also recommends using a fishing tackle box and a small bowl for rings.

Try creating a DIY earring wreath! "The Earring Wreath is great because it's made from styrofoam and you can easily stick the posts into the foam," says Joan Martin Fee, the creative mind behind this project. But what about all the backs? "I keep a few really good earring backs in a container but when I get a new pair I toss them - no need to have all those backs." Find the tutorial on her blog.

Organization guru Denise Caron-Quinn recommends using weekly pill containers, found at a drugstore near you. They're clear, easy to identify, and are great for keeping small necklaces from tangling. Adrianna Amato of came up with a unique DIY stand for her bracelet, using only old magazines and tape. "I created this bracelet stand when I had no luck finding vertical bracelet stands for displaying my handmade bracelets at craft fairs and events," she says. Check out her video tutorial here.

Neida Joseph Abel, the jewelry designer behind, shared with us how she personally organizes all her fab baubles. "I use little ceramic dishes that I have either made or scoured at yard sales. I can see the jewelry easily and since I change mine so often, it works."

Maria from has tips for bracelets and necklaces. For long necklaces, she recommends using a mounted belt rack, and for bracelets, she covers an old wrapping paper tube in fabric. "Soft, easy, visible and keeps links from bunching up," she adds. Now that's a DIY project worth trying!

Kat Roberts from We Can Re-Do It blog came up with the fabulously original idea of converting pumpkin stems into hooks! All you have to do is remove the stems, decoupage a frame with your favorite colored paper or fabric, and mount the stems on top! Check out her blog for step-by-step tutorial.

Amy Volk of came up with a great decorative solution for her own home -- she simply had an antique door mounted to her wall, and used nails as hooks to hang her jewelry from. Amy added another solution for getting a similar look for your own room, saying "You don't need to mount the door-you can just lean it on a wall. " More examples on her blog!

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