From fashionable to funky designs that all commemorate your loved ones, all of my silver, bronze and copper metal clay personalized necklaces in this collection incorporate round disk tags, perfect for those that like a circular charm style. These tags, for any necklace you want, can be personalized on both sides with names or numbers along their rims (my unique way of stamping allows for long names and numbers) or single initials in their centers.

If you want your personalized disk tag necklace to have some extra individuality, you can mix up different sized disk tags or add birthstone dangles, image stamped disks or other fun components I have designed just for that purpose. If you want to layer or coordinate your necklace or bracelet, there are other jewelry pieces I have designed just for that purpose!

For those of you that need lots of tags, my tags are sturdy but not bulky. For those of you still in the family addition mode, congrats! You can buy tags by themselves for new members when the time comes. For your budget, there are lots of different necklace options because pricing varies based on each style, and there are many to choose from. The list goes on!

No matter what style you choose, my personalized necklaces are designed last a lifetime. Whether you are considering a piece for yourself or for someone you love, take a look around and remember, this is 100% about you. My goal is to create timeless jewelry exclusively for you that will be cherished forever.

* Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery