Don’t conform.  Whether you're buying handcrafted jewelry for yourself or someone else, you should be able to get exactly what you want. 
In all my fused silver, bronze and copper metal clay, dichroic glass and beaded jewelry designs in this collection, I combine colors, shapes and textures to create simple yet eye-catching and mood-enhancing necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even some rings.  Although all of my jewelry pieces are individually handcrafted, I can reproduce these designs consistently and that means, most importantly, you can custom order your jewelry by picking out what you like best including things like glass color, leather color, bead type, necklace length, etc. 

Plus, I’ve designed all these pieces specifically so you can layer them or mix and match them with my other personalized necklaces and bracelets for lots of different looks. But of course they can be worn individually as well, so the versatility is ideal!

Take a look!  From classic jewelry designs to designs outside the traditional jewelry box, you’ll find a ton of handcrafted necklace, bracelet and earring styles to pick from.  It’s inevitable you’ll find something you dig whether your style is edgy, conservative, flirty, sweet, girly, punky, sporty…check it out!