Add flair to your wear with a flick of your wrist with any of my handcrafted bracelets! I love designing and creating fashionable fun and when it comes to bracelets, the more the better (try stacking and layering, a very cool effect!). The end result of my enjoyment is your enjoyment and a vast selection of bracelets that are all urban and edgy and as unique as the individuals I create it for. That means you!

In all these bracelet designs, whether they be bangles, dangly, beaded, charmy and more, I use silver, bronze and copper metal clay, dichroic glass, a random mix of beads and bits and pieces of a lot of other things too. I let my imagination run wild as I constantly come up all kinds of ideas to design all of these hip handcrafted bracelets so there’s something for everyone.

And eclectic as they may be, all of the pieces make a statement and I’m pretty sure you'll be completely mesmerized by their look and feel. But this is all about you and how the jewelry makes you feel when you wear it or share it, whether it’s funky, sophisticated, groovy, snazzy or more.