Get a necklace that transcends the ordinary! My handcrafted, dichroic glass necklaces are all designed to do just that. I take full use of dichroic glass and its mind boggling properties to create radiant, colorful and dimensional pieces for you that gather the elements around them and take on different looks as you view them from different angles, in different light sources, and against different colors.

And my non-traditional background and my different way of looking at things in life has been an asset in working with silver, bronze and copper metal clay to make even more funky necklaces. It’s probably what attracted me to the material to begin with. Metal clay is a phenomenon. Who knew bending metal could be so much fun without a soldering torch? Its moldable and malleable qualities inspire me constantly to manually create solid and pure metal objects and forms that absolutely wouldn’t be possible using my traditional metalsmithing tools.

So talk about eye-catching and attention-getting! If you’ve been looking for that unique, knock ‘em dead, unforgettable necklace, I encourage you to look around this selection where you can pick out the style you like and customize any dichroic glass or precious metal clay necklace just the way you want it.

And I’m pretty sure you’ll find something that suits you (no pun intended). Some of my styles are more understated and some more glitzy. Some can be worn with your sneakers and some with your high heels. All of them all are assured to draw looks, compliments and envy, that's for sure.