It's So Charming Personalized Disk Tag Necklace


Whether you’re finally in your LBD getting out to dinner with your sweetie, or you’re in your daily cotton tee and jeans cruising the aisles of the grocery store, this endearing and sentimental necklace will be sure to turn heads!

Because, not only does its extra long, 24 inch, gold plated chain dazzle (and offer length versatility), it also looks like the mommy tag necklace Heidi Klum wears but it's a fraction of the cost, and it also boasts five adorable stamped bronze disks, spaced evenly while anchored to the chain. And you get to personalize this necklace with your very own choice of names, words or initials (enter your info below).

So don’t be surprised when people keep staring at you to admire the way this fab necklace shimmers and glistens with personality on your neck. Or, they’ll be trying to read it :).

This necklace design can typically accommodate up to 5 personalized name, number or initial stamped disk tags. Disk tags are intended to be spaced so 5 tags are a minimum (5 tags are included in base price of necklace).

Disk tags come in 2 sizes: small (dime sized) and medium (nickel sized). For names, a medium disk fits up to 11 characters and a small disk fits up to 9 characters. For single letters, a curly cap font will be used.

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