Asian Fusion Tag Necklace


This personalized necklace is for those that like a clean contemporary feng shui. A cool funky shaped tag slides on a black, brown or tan leather cord, which you get to pick out. A crystal bead which matches the leather dangles hangs off the tag for a little extra sparkle. Click on the thumbnail picture below to see your leather choices. The necklace displayed is made with tan leather (and thus, brown crystal).

This necklace design incorporates a single, 3/4" name or single letter (for initials) stamped tag, to intentionally keep the design very sleek and simple.

For full names, the tag fits up to 6 characters. For single letters, a curly cap font will be used.

These tags can be stamped on one side. A single-sided tag is a little less than 1/16 thick.

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